Partners in both life and art, ours is nearly a 28 year collaboration.  Sharing an innate desire for creative expression our paths met in art school and we soon married. Taking time to raise a family while doing stints in the corporate world, we developed independently as artists.  A lifetime of influences and experience using a wide variety of media, techniques and processes informs our art today.  Wes a process oriented expressionist guided by impulse and intuition works with the happy accident, allowing each move to determine the next.  I am more concepts oriented with a background in design. We’ve recently decided to join forces to explore that interplay between chaos and order in search of equilibrium.

Choosing to work out of the box and unbound by rules, our current work combines printmaking with mixed media collage at times fused with imagery inspired by vintage photographs, icons and graphics. Initial pieces explore the primal human response to fundamental geometric shapes. Later, creations evolved to incorporate natural organic forms and imagery repeated to abstraction. Several works are composed by the pairing of the circle or sphere with the square or cube.  We associate spheres or circles with femininity, the spiritual world, fertility, wholeness and movement. We view the cube or squares as building blocks representing masculinity, the physical world, order, logic, rigidity.  We employ shapes and pattern to create multiple layers of movement suggestive of the unseen energies at play throughout nature and our universe.

Our process begins by either artist drawing then carving an image from wood or linoleum block.  Prints are produced and are then applied to paper or wood panel forming a foundation. Depth is created by the layering of print on print then collage of additional printed shapes and or images applied using matt medium.  The artwork receives a final treatment by hand rendering texture and detail using a variety of media in mixed combination that may include acrylic paint, watercolor, oil crayon or ink. Although the same elements are often repeated throughout multiple pieces each is a one of a kind work of art.